Thursday, 14 August 2014

End of Genial-Stock I guess

I will post the final update, in my humble opinion, about Genial-Stock, that the admin sent announcing that the program it's not doing so well. At least is honest, I would say...

"Dear Investors,
I was hoping never comes the time to write this sentence, but unfortunately we have to inform you that following the attacks hackers (with consequent loss of funds) and the problems with the monitors (paid by envious people) we have lost the confidence of many members who have stopped to deposit.
We have worked hard over the last few days asking our members to have patience, because it was necessary to exchange funds ... but unfortunately we have not received the answer that we expected and many have decided to abandon us…
With immense regret we inform you that Genial-Stock can not sustain payments as a result of above reasons.
We apologize to the people who believed in us.
genuinely moved,
Mike Anderson, admin
Genial Stock"

Monday, 7 July 2014

Bank7 and Plat8 Stopped

I am upset today, because I got some bad luck with choosing Bank7 and Plat8. Both of the programs stopped paying, as I posted on the Monitoring section... and on both programs I wasn't in profit, I didn't expect them to go out so soon.

Now I am kind of taking a break, and do not know where to go next... The only good news that I have is that KingofHours still pays, but right now I am sitting out of that one to.
Until I will find another interesting program, I will just be a watcher. So for now please stand off from Plat8 and Bank7...
-Lord Nikon.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bank7 Warning . . . and Monitoring the Monitors.

Just a short warning. There is a problem with
Yesterday I did not received an instant payment, don't know why. Maybe there was some technical problem, but today, I have another one. I did not received my accrual in to my account. I wrote to the Support e-mail, now I am waiting for a response. I don't have actually high hopes on this, so please stay away from it for now.

Another thing that I've noticed ... is usually  when a HYIP goes in to Not Paying, a monitor reacts verry slowly. With a few exceptions of course, all the monitors are slow when it comes to warning people that the program is not paying... For instance, like in this case, of, I will post you a picture and show you that only one monitor has listed it as a "PROBLEM"
The picture is from

I will let you to jump to the conclusions. Anyway, that is all for now...
You all have a nice day,
-Lord Nikon.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Joined 2 new programs

To go straight to the subject here and not waste any time, Today I joined to new programs called:
King Of Hours - 0.92% * 120 hours = 110.4%
Plat8 - 8% * 15 days = 120 %
First of all I would like to say that in terms of plans, both are kind of a short term plan... one for 2.5 days, and the other much longer for 15 days.
In terms of script and design, personally I like Plat8 more, because it is looks more lets say "worked out". But we all know that this is not so important, because a medium designed program can last longer if it is well advertised, that a nice looking one with bad advertising, like was.

Anyway, I won't say much, I don't want to bore you, just that I am planning to stay longer with Plat8 than King Of Hours but, will see how the things will evolve.
Until then, you all have a nice week, and keep Stalking.
-Lord Nikon.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Thoughts about what's next

Good evening,
Hope you are all fine and doing well... I want to start this with a warning, stay away from I think because of their short term plans...they are out. A lot of people lost something here...but that's the strory.

To just continue with the warnings... Watch out for I never got to tell you, that I got paid by them, BUT, now I am all out, and I don't want to put more in because of the heavy advertising that I saw... I think that the admin is trying to get the maximum number of members that he can get..and then BOOM disappear. This is just my opinion, for now is paying.
I also got paid by Genial-Stock and Bank7 as usual, nothing to worry...I think Genial-Stock will stick around for more.
About what's coming next, I am keeping an close eye of whats new, and searching for some 2-3 programs that look very interesting to join. Haven't really been convinced by no one yet...Will post when I'll consider something worth a shot. Until then, keep your eyes open:)
-Lord Nikon.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Quick update -

Hello everybody,
I will leave you a quick update. To start with, I will just want to say that I've been paid right on clock by and today. Speaking of clock, I really like the clock from members area at Bank7:

Anyway, back to the important stuff... I am really happy with how the things go with genial-stock, with how the admin is trying to promote the program. I cannot say the same thing about Bank7, which the traffic charts that I've studied today. The traffic to the website it's not growing as I expected,  I do not now how the deposits are growing, but nevertheless it's an good indicator. So I am not sure if I will continue with after the expiring of my first plan. 
Today, I've made another investment at GrandFX which I saw it heavily advertised on monitors and forums. I decided to have a go also, and joined. Will post when get paid. I don't think I will post a review because I am sure you know the program.

The HYIP is a simple one, plans are simple, and kind of short I would say, also it has the basic old HYIP script, but this it's not a bad thing... We will see how it goes, but, I am not planing staying for long on it, because of it's short plans.
-Lord Nikon.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Review of Bank7

Aloha, as they say in Hawaiian language...
As I said yesterday, I've decided to go with another program called I will go straight at the subject here.
At the first site, the program looks nice, solid, interesting design... The program has 3 plans, with daily payments, which increases in daily interests with the amount of money you deposit.

So, to calculate the things now, if we consider the first plan(because personally I don't think to put a big amount here) 5.32% * 28 days = 148.96%(principal included in this interest). So, now if I divide 48.96% / 28 = 1.75%(aprox) daily interest(pure interest, as in profit), which is not bad, as long as it lasts.

For now, I've made a small spend. I cannot approximate how many days will last (maybe around 2 cycles, 56 days? - maybe). I am just trying. But it is hard to tell, as I said in the previews post, because of the end of 2 big HYIP, Rockwell and Finmutual. Anyway...I will post more information when I will have more, and also more updates.
Anndd speaking of updates, Genial-Stock is working just fine, paying daily, no complains until now. The admin is very active on promoting mails, but I don't know if this is the right step for promoting, because it is sending emails to people who already are registered and who are investing. Anyway, it is a good sign that he is active. Makes me think that the program is alive. :))

Anyway, returning to, I told you why I liked it. It will be fair to tell you why I don't like it. I don't because it remands me of Terra-elegance. I think it is the same script. I don't have any information if it is the same admin. But, the offers are more like a long term, more stable if you ask me, so will see...
Until then, you all have a nice day.
-Lord Nikon.